New Schedule is out!

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The Schedule has just been updated and is now also implemented on the website.

You can also check it out right here:

dtube forum shedule

dtube forum saturday shedule

dtube forum sunday shedule

like i've wrote it on the last Liveticker update i have implemented @steempress on the Dtube Forum website. This means we can post directly from the Website to the Steem Blockchain and create kind of like a Liveticker of the Event. So those who can't attend will be updated with pictures and updated.

For now i just created some accounts for the organisation team. But if you are going to attend the Dtube Forum and you would like to blog about the Event on the Liveticker and crossposted to the Blockchain, let me know and i'll create an account for you which you can connect to your own Steem account.