The Dtube Forum is now on Steempress!

I have been working on the Dtube Forum website the last couple of days. I made several changes bespoken with @hauptmann
One of those changes is implementing the @steempress plugin on the website! I am excited to cross-post the Dtube Forum news from the website directly on the Blockchain. The Idea is that every team member of the organisation team will receive a login and connect his Steem account with the Website.
This will allow us to create a live ticker  on the website and connected to the Steem blockchain too.

dtube forum icon

Some changes made on the Website:

  • The Liveticker is implemented in the News section.
  • New banner and icon implemented
  • some design changes
  • Super sponsors added and linked
  • The Venue with some impressions
  • Location Map
  • The Organisation team is added and linked

Check it out on

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